bruce tunkel 

Bruce has been creating original music for more than three decades now. Born in NJ, in a household with older siblings, he was exposed to the exciting music of the 60’s and 70’s from an early age. A great deal of time was spent with his sibling’s record collection, absorbing and learning. Much time was also spent playing the family piano and banging on a Charles Chips can, making up songs all the while.

After playing in a variety of cover bands as a teen, Bruce connected with the friends that would form the band The Red House. After agreeing to focus on writing their own music, the band got busy, releasing their first album, “There is a Window”, in 1986.

The Red House achieved great notoriety for their writing and performances, and in 1989, signed a major label record deal with SBK Records. The band's eponymous 1990 release was widely acclaimed, with the single “I Said a Prayer” reaching #30 on the Billboard rock tracks chart, and the accompanying video appearing in rotation on MTV.

Unfortunately, things did not work out with SBK, and the band, unwilling to compromise, was dropped. After the band split up, Bruce began writing and performing as a solo act.

Since then, Bruce has released 8 solo albums, and a 30 song “Singles Collection”, and has received a number of Asbury Music Awards nominations for his work. In addition, Bruce, along with Joe Furnari and Mark Nuzzi, formed “The Susan Rumors”, releasing a 10-song pop masterpiece in 2017.

Bruce is currently working on new songs (always), and can be seen performing at various NJ locations.
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