Let’s connect. I’m reaching out to you. The genesis of this for me is about music and creativity. Which, when you pare it down, is about connecting. Since discovering the joy of creating music as a young boy, it’s connected me with other people, with my dreams and with my self. I want to experience that as fully as I can now. I’m in what seems to me to be a strange place. I’m 53 years old, yet I feel like I am at a creative peak. It’s often ingrained in us that we hit our creative peaks in our 20s. That just isn’t the case. I’m more committed to learning now than I ever have been. I need to exercise more. I battle depression. I deal daily with a parent going through memory loss, and a child with severe autism. I love (and hate) to play poker. I have an addictive personality.

I plan to write about all of these things. I would like to ask something of you. Please connect back with me. Add comments on my posts. Please check out my music. You can find what’s available on my Facebook page:

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There’s free stuff if you’re not sure:

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Please let me know what you think of what I’m doing. If you like it, please tell a friend!

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